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Today Let´s find out some more about this local expectorant that I learned to prepare since when my grandfather was alive, and even up to this day, I keep up the practice whenever I have a cough or cold. Its good to know how and when to grab some fresh leaves and flowers right outside in the garden and create a very interesting expectorant. I even named it! "3 Strikes Out!" and it's not baseball :)
Now you might ask ; What is an Expectorant¿
An expectorant is a medicine promoting the discharge of phlegm, mucus or other fluid from the respiratory tract.
Coughs and Colds are common when you live in tropical climates and work outdoors. That doesn't mean that everyone has a cough every time ...what matters to me is how long you carry that cold on your chest before spitting it all out and get a much faster relief from nasal congestion, mucus, and phlegm. Heal Yourself!
Its also highly recommended that you have knowledge about the plants that you decide to use, especially if you live out of the Caribbean or Tropics. All my photographs are from Giraudel, Dominica. A small Village where herbal plants and their uses are very common.
I can also tell you a true story about myself; A few months ago I had a cough and filled a portable bottle of "3 Strikes Out"! about 475 ml. It was also a great idea to do it with almost an empty stomach. Nothing acidic. I sipped a little bit every few minutes, enjoying the flavor at the same time, it has to be sweetened more than usual (Take note if you are diabetic). By midday, I had already cleared my throat about 100 times and every time something came up but with so much ease I could only feel pleased. It gave me a lot of confidence to later present these same plants to the tourists. See the Pictures below and some added details, AlsoThe Preparation was done with two edible wild flowers and one wild plant; Lozey, Fleur Sewo and Tacac Zombie...

1. White Bigonia (Locally known as Lozey).
2. White Neem (Locally known as Fleur Sewo), Be warned that it is NOT the same tree as  Azadirachta indica. 
3. Wild tobacco Leaves Locally known as Zombies Tobacco or (Tabac Zombi). See Bush doctor confirm plant.

Also, Study these pictures of the plants and flowers to identify them in your surroundings, mostly in the Caribbean and See how to prepare your own dose of "3 Strikes Out" below.

HOW TO MAKE Three cups of "3 Strikes Out"

This time the dosage is not the usual 2 tbsp of herb per cup of water, you can use as many flowers as you like but NOT more than 3-4 leaves of Jumbi Tobacco. Less water, fewer leaves!

3 full cups of water
1 cluster of white neem flowers
1 big cluster of White Bigonia flowers
3 Jumbie Tobacco leaves
3 tablespoons of brown Sugar

Probably sugar content is not recommended for diabetics.

This time it is not the regular Infusion process that is used to prepare most other herbal teas. For making this expectorant, you must put the leaves and flowers into the water and boil everything at once. Once at boiling point turn off and allow to cool down completely.
-Strain and sweeten before drinking.
A big cup will do, like a big cup of German beer! or Maximum of three normal cups per day, Morning preferably.
Also, try to ingest on a half empty stomach and eat fruits and non-acidic foods to compliment the great expectorating effects of this remedy brought to you by TuHerbicina/Ijahdan Taurus.

Remember to Contact us for Plants and Herbs around Dominica! "Embrace the Gift of Natural Healing Herbs" 

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